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Empowered women and girls can lift their entire families and communities out of poverty.

Amot Girls Foundation – (AGF) is an International non-Profit Organization and It was established in 2021. Its main aim is to empower women in South Sudan/Jonglei State, Kenya, and Uganda through education at a college level. Women’s Education and Health have been identified by AMOT Girls Foundation as one of the areas women were lagging behind in South Sudan. The Four main areas identified were; Agriculture, Nutrition, Nursing and Midwifery. AGF aim to assist young girls who have completed their form 4 or senior 4 to go to college and study certificates/diplomas/degrees in nursing midwife and nutrition. Reports from International Organizations such as the UN, Red Cross, UNICEF have confirmed there is a higher rate of women’s deaths during childbirth, poor nutritional care during pregnancy which precipitate pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and more. Poor nursing care was also noted. AGF aims at bridging these gaps by educating girls to attained qualifications in those three areas identified in order to deliver appropriate care for women.

Our Vision

AGF envisions a society where all Women, Girls and Children enjoy secure, healthy, enlightened lives and responsive environment that promote their healthy living in a social, economic, cultural and moral development setting.

Our Mission

AGF is working to assist the needy and neglected women, girls and children in South Sudan /Jonglei State, Kenya and Uganda by providing access to education on their wellbeing in Nutrition, Nursing and Midwife. Therefore AGF will take all necessary initiatives /measures towards the empowerment and self-determinations of women, girls and children and to enable them solve their own health and socio-economic problems. Women and girls education are fundamental to our work

Core Values

Integrity:   “Our integrity gives us strength.”

Honesty:  “Honesty pays off. Those we work with know we will defend what we represent.”

Hope:  “Hope can be an anchor in turbulent times.”

Trust: “Trust means they can count on us as both their advocate and their friend.”

Honor: “Honor keeps our name and our reputation clean.”

Faith:  “Faith keeps us tuned to a Higher Being.”

Service:  “Our mission is to serve less fortunate, and we let nothing     interfere with that.”

Aims and Objectives

Main Objective

To promote access to education, good health care services, mitigation of HIV/AIDs and alleviate poverty among young women and children in the society.

Specific Objectives

And in furtherance of the principal object, the Organization shall have the following ancillary objects and powers:

  • Improving access to education to school going children by buying uniforms, learning materials and also payment of school fees.
  • Setting up of a health facility which will provide medical, social and psychological services.
  • To foster early detection of HIV infection among youth at ongoing risk for HIV or among persons with a recent HIV exposure; to enhance earlier referral to prevention, care, treatment and support for persons newly identified as being HIV positive.
  • To provide skill development training programs for women and young girls in the society on Agricultural farming, handicraft, handloom, weaving, pottery and beading and also provide them with short term loan after the training for creating sustainable income generating businesses.
  • To take such steps by personal or written appeals, private meetings, public meetings or representations to Parliament, government entities and other bodies as may be deemed expedient to promote any of the objects of the Organization.
  • To raise, secure and utilise funds for the attainment of any or all objects of the Organization, and to do such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects.

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